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Decisions made on the front end of the design and construction of a new aquatic facility will impact the cost and operational efficiencies for the life of the aquatic facilities. Drawing on our 50 plus years of experience operating aquatic facilities we provide consulting services to assist clients prior, during and after the construction process from an operator’s perspective. We have assisted numerous municipalities and non-profit organizations in the development of feasibility studies, operational plans, equipment selection and placement and other planning tasks necessary for a successful operation. Our scope of services can include:


• pre-construction plan review for operating efficiencies
• Evaluation of staffing requirements
• Establishing operational costs
• Code compliance (on the local, state and federal levels)
• Facility Equipment recommendations (F,F,&E)
• Slide and Attraction training
• Assist in developing a cost recovery plan
• Conducting pre-opening facility inspections
• Conducting an in-depth study of current and future program needs

Operational consulting

• Staff screening and Selection
• Establishing staffing levels and placement in the facility
• Developing an Emergency Action Plan
• Create staff reference manuals
• Establish daily operating procedures
• Develop cleaning and maintenance checklists
• Aquatic program development
• Risk management inspection
• In-service protocol development
• Lifeguard and Emergency Response Audits
• Water Chemistry Analysis
• Chemical safety and storage recommendation


Crissy Withrow, Vice President
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