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Midwest Pool Management has been managing all types of aquatic facilities since 1967. We currently provide swimming pool management services to municipalities along with managing swimming pools for a number of private clubs and subdivision. We hire over 1500 aquatic staff members per year. Our depth of experience is unmatched in the area of aquatic facility management. Our principals have over 50 years of combined experience in aquatic facility operations, maintenance, and management.

Management Philosophy

We define the way we approach swimming pool management with the client in mind. Our experience has taught us that every aquatic facility we operate has unique needs that are very different from other aquatic facilities regardless of whether they are municipal or privately owned. Our staff training program is tailored to deal with the unique demands of each aquatic facility including a comprehensive emphasis on customer service, customers being defined as both the facility patrons and the client. We also monitor and understand the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Virginia Graham Baker Safety Act and all new regulations that pertain to swimming pool management. We know that our staff will be perceived as your staff, and as such, they should represent the client with the highest professional standards.

Our primary objective is to develop a partnership with the client to best serve the patrons of the facility by creating a safe and enjoyable environment that will earn the repeat business of your patrons. It is your facility, and you will not lose any control or authority. In fact, contracting with Midwest Pool Management will allow you to devote your resources to more administrative and planning functions that will be of great benefit to your patrons. A successful operation is dependent upon a team effort between Midwest Pool Management and our clients.

Midwest Safety Advocates

The newest division of Midwest Pool Management is Midwest Safety Advocates, established in 2013, as a format for delivering quality first aid, CPR and AED training to communities, health care providers, first responders, and the general public.  Midwest Safety Advocates offers American Heart Association training at your location or ours, visit our site for more information or to schedule your class.

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Key Personnel

Bert Forde , President
mpm-bert-fordePhone: (314) 432-1313 |
Bert has over 30 years of experience in operating commercial aquatic facilities. She is a Certified Pool Operator Instructor for the National Swimming Pool Foundation. She has served on the National Executive Advisory Board for Starfish Aquatics. She is a past member of the St. Louis County Health Department Aquatic Advisory Board. An active member of the Missouri Park and Recreation Association, she is a recipient of the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association Aquatic Section Distinguished Professional Award. Other professional involvement includes past President of the National Pool Management Association and speaker at state and national conferences.

Crissy Withrow, Vice President – St. Louis
Crissy serves as Vice President for the St. Louis region. She has been active with Midwest Pool Management and Westport Pools since 1996. She has served as a lifeguard, manager, and supervisor of pools and waterparks. She worked as a project manager for residential and commercial pool construction. She is a Certified Pool Operator Instructor and is certified as a StarGuard lifeguard instructor trainer. She has served as President of the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association Aquatic Section.  Crissy received the Distinguished Service Award from the Aquatic Section of the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association in 2017.

Chad Beasley, Executive Division Manager- Kansas City
Chad is the Executive Division Manager for the Kansas City area and is responsible for operating the Kansas City division of Midwest Pool Management. Chad started as a lifeguard in 2007 and has worked his way up the ranks with passion, commitment and countless hours of hard work for Midwest Pool Management. He is a Certified Pool Operator and is certified as a StarGuard lifeguard instructor trainer.

Renee Jeep, Director of Operations- St. Louis
Renee is the Director of Operations for Midwest Pool Management in the St. Louis office. She works with the District Managers to ensure our facilities are managed safe and professional. Renee came to Midwest Pool Management with 20+ years of experience in aquatics management and working with municipal parks and recreation departments. She is a Certified Pool Operator and certified as a lifeguard instructor trainer.

Jay Carlisle, Director of Service Operations- St. Louis
Jay is the Director of Service Operations for Midwest Pool Management in the St. Louis office. Jay started with Midwest Pool Management as a lifeguard in 2009. He is a Certified Pool Operator and a Starguard Instructor Trainer. He is responsible for overseeing the mechanical and maintenance operations of our facilities and coordinating larger service issues with our sister company.

Bryan Barrios, District Manager- St. Louis
Bryan has been working full time with Midwest Pool Management since 2018 but has a history as a manager, field supervisor and lifeguard instructor with our organization. He hires, trains and supervises the staff for his area of facilities.

Sara Krafft, District Manager- St. Louis
Sara started with Midwest Pool Management in 2011.  She is a Certified Pool Operator from the National Swimming Pool Foundation and a Starguard Lifeguard Instructor.   She hires and trains the management and staff for her area of facilities and leads our lifeguard training program.

Hannah Worrell, District Manager- St. Louis
Hannah began her aquatics career as a lifeguard in 2009 and has held positions of increasing responsibility ever since. She hires and trains the management and staff for her facilities and works with the field supervisors to ensure our facilities are safe and professional




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