Manage. Train. Consult. Evaluate.

Whether a new or existing aquatic facility, periodic reviews of the physical plant, programs, fees and daily operations can identify operating efficiencies and highlight revenue opportunities. Our consulting efforts are tailored to the particular facility and clientele. We have assisted numerous municipalities and non-profit organizations in the improvement of their daily operations. Our scope of services can include:

  • Review of mechanical and filter system with recommendations for updates or replacement
  • Water chemistry analysis and chemical usage evaluation
  • On-site staff performance audits including lifeguard, guest relations, food and beverage and maintenance crews
  • Facility and equipment safety inspection
  • Chemical safety and storage inspection
  • Document review (EAP, first aid, rescue, incident, water chemistry, etc)
  • Code compliance review (local, state and national)
  • Emergency response management
  • Programming and special event review and recommendation
  • Marketing review and recommendation

For additional information, contact:
Crissy Withrow, President
Phone: 314-432-1313 | cwithrow@midwestpool.com