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Managing an aquatic facility safely and professionally takes a tremendous effort. Hiring the right professional swimming pool management company will save you countless hours and provide your patrons with a fun, safe and clean facility. To learn more about choosing the right company, please read Questions to Consider When Choosing A Pool Management Company.
Our contract pool management service provides professional operation of aquatic facilities in the greater St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas. We employ over 1500 aquatic staff throughout the year and place them in commercial facilities of many different types and sizes, from large municipal aquatic facilities to country club, subdivision and apartment pools.

We specialize in aquatic centers that feature state of art aquatic amenities such as water slides, rivers, interactive play structures and high level competitive facilities. We bring this same knowledge to all other types of aquatic facilities.

If you are interested in receiving a proposal or talking to us in greater detail about contract management, click here and complete our simple form to give us some information about your facility so that we may tailor our proposal to fit your needs. Since all pools and all pool clientele are different, so too are the management needs for each facility distinct and different. You can either click here for our form or you can contact the following:

Crissy Withrow, President (314) 432-1313

Employment Philosophy

Midwest Pool Management fully understands that being employed as a lifeguard carries with it the serious responsibility for the safety of the aquatic facilities’ patrons. Furthermore, we understand that for many of our employees, this may be their first job. It is our philosophy to dedicate the resources of our company to helping our employees succeed and insure public safety.

To that end, we not only provide certification in a nationally recognized lifeguard training program, but we provide a mentoring program where first time lifeguards can learn from experienced lifeguards. It’s not just new lifeguards working with older lifeguards, but the way we “counsel” the new lifeguards to help bring them along in their work experience. If a lifeguard has difficulty at a pool, we will counsel the lifeguard in order to provide a greater understanding of the expectations. This dedication of resources has resulted in our lifeguard staff developing an understanding of the big picture and the drive to correct less than desirable performance.

Due to the large number of clients that we have and the unique nature of these clients, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each member of our staff and place them in an environment appropriate for the individual lifeguard. This individual attention is an important part of our staff’s success. To be effective in motivating staff, it is crucial to have the methods to recognize and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of each individual of a lifeguard team. There must be an existing program to rapidly and accurately disseminate critical facility information and training to each and every staff member.

Other more obvious challenges are the scheduling of, and monitoring of, actual time worked to avoid costly errors in payroll.

Midwest Pool Management has over a decade of experience in managing pool staffs ranging in size from 1 to over 150 employees. We utilize a computer time management system that requires the staff to clock in and out through our central computer providing us with instant access to actual staffing levels at all times.