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Midwest Pool Management is proud to be a Regional Training Center for Starfish Aquatics. Comprised of a nationwide network of experienced aquatic professionals, the Starfish Aquatics Institute provides programs, training and service.

The StarGuard® course prepares swimming pool, waterpark and restricted waterfront lifeguards in drowning prevention, surveillance and professional skills at levels that exceed common standards.

StarGuard® is an integrated curriculum and includes emergency care skills necessary to protect life or prevent further injury until EMS arrives. The performance objectives of the American Safety & Health Institute CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and (optionally) Emergency Oxygen and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) are built into the course. The integration reduces training time and results in a more confident, competent lifeguard.

The American Safety & Health Institute in partnership with Starfish Aquatics uses a systematic, thorough planning process to assure that program materials reflect the most current knowledge available. Ongoing research with a national peer review ensures up-to-date information and programs that have sound educational formats.

Additional Information

Candidates must pay the appropriate course tuition fee prior to the beginning of the class. (Course fees are non-refundable.)

All candidates must pass a prerequisite skill test to continue in the training class. This skill test consists of: swimming 100 yards using any type of stroke except the backstroke; treading water for 1-minute using only your legs; and retrieving a 10lb. object from eight (8) feet of water.

Candidates must be 15 years of age or older and attend all sessions.

Candidates must score 80% or better on a written exam, pass a technical performance and simulation practical exam.

Candidates must pass each of the five Starguard® safety training and aquatic rescues which include prevention, surveillance, managing a conscious victim, managing an unconscious victim, and professionalism and personal safety.

Starguard® certification is valid for one (1) year.

We can provide different training classes for your staff ranging from facility operator training to lifeguard and instructor training. Below are the nationally recognized training programs that we are currently certified to teach:

Facility Operations:

• Certified Pool Operator through the National Swimming Pool Foundation.
• AquaTech: Best Practices for Pool and Aquatic Facility Operators

Lifeguard Training:

• Starguard Lifeguard through Starfish Aquatics Institute

CPR/First Aid Training:

• CPR/AED/First Aid Training through the American Safety and Health Institute
• CPR/AED/First Aid training through the American Heart Association
• Basic Life Support, Lay Responder and Community based training levels available